Friday, January 29, 2010

Be Good To Your Ocean

On the same day the Oceans granted me this view of this whale, peacefully hanging out under the boat...
... It also brought this news of 610 Yellow Tangs and other reef fish being dumped in the harbor in Kona.
West Hawaii Today Article about dumped reef fish.
My first reaction was, "Maybe this will shock enough people so momentum will actually get something done." Aquarium fisherman take our beloved yellow tangs with not much more than a $50 commercial license. They will be quick to say that it is a sustainable industry, and this one incident is horrific and rare. I can believe that, but I still think AQ fisherman need to control their own industry to make sure this doesn't happen. And to their credit, they need the power to control their industry: Read down in the article, and you will find these controls to be stuck in bureaucratic and legal limbo.
They need to pay, and there ought to be a law, and how can we let this happen...
And the worst part? Legally they did nothing wrong. There are no laws or rules or industry standards or anything. We can't arrest them, fine them, or probably even rescind their $50 license.
I hope someone makes them pay with flesh, and leaves them in a dumpster. (And it is probably illegal for me to advocate violence!)

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