Saturday, June 17, 2006


The geography of my commute to work often yeilds rainbows: In the morning, as I head West, the sun is behind me, and in the evening, as I head East, the sun is again behind me. As I roll from sunny workplace to rainy hometown, the light and the water droplets often welcome me home.
I tried to snap photos of the huge, entire rainbow, which stretched in a complete semi-circle, as I was driving. This seemed a bit unsafe.
The coolest thing about this photo?
This is the view from the DUMP!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In which I give my 2 cents on Worl Cup Soccer!

Just read this.
Adrastas keeps me well-informed as it is. I have attempted to roll my tired ass out of bed at 6am to watch a few games with my BF, but to no avail. I like my bed too much, and I must be honest: I don't like soccer.
I love the excitement of the World Cup, the grace and sportsmanship of the players, the political and human drama of teams like the Ivory Coast and Iran. I love to see sport as a way we all realize that all over the world, we are the same. We love, we suffer, we overcome, and we play.