Monday, September 29, 2008

Another IDC?

Where have I been? September was full of diving, but not the usual diving! I was auditing a PADI Instructor Development Course and Instructor Exam (which I took two years ago) in order to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Which I did!
We had Course Director Bob, an official IDC Staff Instructor Matt, four of us IDC Staff Instructor candidates, and four Divemasters wishing to become Instructors (Spoiler Warning: Everyone passed!)
Our course consisted of learning how to train Instructors, and learning how to grade presentations like the Instructor examiner does. We also helped train the candidates through mentoring, skills workshops, advice, and criticism. It was fascinating to go through the entire Instructor process without the stress of two years ago!
Wonderful opportunity and i would do it again in a second!
(Which I will need to do: The next rung in the PADI ladder for me would be Master Instructor, where I will need to audit a few more IDCs! Bring it on!)
Congratulations to us all, especially the new Open Water Scuba Instructors who had to go through the stress of the class and the exam with 6 sets of eyes on them! They did well under the circumstances.
All props to CD Bob Hajek who is an incredible instructor, mentor, inspiration, and juggler (of 9 Staff/Students!)