Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Underwater Dancing

One of my most favorite students, 10 year old Isabella! We like to dance underwater, and while this dance was longer (I spun her a couple times before she spins me) her friend the videographer just captured this much.
This was a recent dive on the Kohala Coast: Potter's Reef, I believe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photography. Underwater.

Yes, I have been resistant to taking photos underwater: I find that photo-hogs are exceptionally rude underwater, often destroying coral, interupting behavior, or ruining experiences for other divers. Recently, however, I was tasked to take photos of divers underwater, and I didn't know how to use the camera well.
Enter my friend Paul, an amazing photographer and photography teacher, who happened to be in need of a few more student certifications. We used his Canon, housing, strobe, and various lenses over the course of two dives.
I am now certified with PADI as a Digital Underwater Photographer. I enjoyed the class very much, especially the opportunity to work on my technique without any professional pressure to lead dives. I doubt I shall ever feel comfortable enough to take a camera to work and take photos while also leading divers (cameras are already not allowed while teaching students: A policy I support).
The first photo is of a local nudibranch (shell-less sea slug) the Poliahu (Glossodorus Poliahu), an indiginous nudi from here in Hawaii. She is named for the Hawaiian Snow Goddess, as the small white dots appear like a dusting of snow. Note the spiral next to the slug? This will be her eggs! I love how the eggs are frilly like the nudi is frilly!
The second photo is of a White Mouth Moray Eel who was very patient with me taking photo after photo of him.