Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dead Booby Bird on Dive Day

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Saturday we avoided the Ironman Triathalon (and accompanying traffic closures and lack of business) by going on an employee (and SO's) dive day on the boat.
Our first dive of the day was a "Blue Water" dive in 1200 feet of water out at Buoy ZZ: Far out to sea. This photo shows Buoy ZZ, with a (partially obscured) notation about not tieing anything to the buoy. The bird standing on the buoy is fine: We made sure he was hopping along un-hindered. The bird on the left is dead, it's neck still tangled in the fishing line tied to the buoy. Very sad.

We went on to have a fascinating dive full of tiny jelly critters, then went on to another two dive sites, where we saw sharks and eels and turtles and fascinating ocean critters.
It is very nice sometimes to dive for fun, but I find that I never turn off my safety and watchfullness instincts.

Friday, October 05, 2007


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I just returned from a short mainland trip to Wisconsin (of all places...) to meet DBF's son and grandson (I KNOW!, Right?). Beside the family obligations, I had some goals: Cheese, Yarn, and getting photographic proof that there actually were crazy people who surfed Lake Michigan.
This shot was taken in Sheboygan WI on the shores of Lake Michigan. They were amazed that I had heard of the surfspot. (It is in "Step into Liquid" and actually "Surf's Up!" wherein the surfing chicken is from Sheboygan.) they had no tee-shirts to sell me, which is a shame: Someone should be cashing in on that.