Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Whales!

Here is another whale shot to share. I took this one of a mama and calf, which swam past the boat:
They are so amazing. The mothers have given birth recently and the baby whales are building strength and practicing skills for the upcoming journey North. We recently saw a new-born whale being pushed up to the surface by it's mama: They must learn to breathe as soon as they are born. Even more impressive are the breaches: Diving co-worker Robyn shot this incredible photo of mama and baby jumping out of the water:

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diving a ton this month!

Diving for me began mid-month as we started to get more tourists, my brother included. Since then it has been non-stop boats, sudents, dive-shop work, and even a night dive!
The big news this time of year are the whales. I first spotted a returning humpback this year in late November, and just about now in January we are seeing the baby whales with their mom's and escorts. This week we even saw some baby whales breaching the surface and slapping their tails!

I am cold (my new wetsuit should be coming in soon. My current wetsuit is 3 years old and really compressed) and tired and my shoulders ache from slinging tanks. But I am really, really happy!