Monday, March 05, 2007

Whales of March

On Saturday, leading dives with Kohala Divers, the Whales were singing. On the surface, we saw many curious calves and their protective mom's and male escorts. The baby whales are getting big enough to try out the moves: little spy hops and sounds and many curious surfacings. A friend even spied a mom teaching her calf to breach: The mom would jump out of the water and come crashing majestically down, followed by the calf struggling out and flopping down after her. So cute!
It is March, and that means these lessons in adult behavior will culminate in the whales leaving us for cooler, Northern, summertime waters. Just as I nervously anticipate their arrival in November, I dread the slow trickle as they leave the islands. Every week, the sightings decrease and the songs grow fainter; from a chorus to a solo to silence. I love to share the water with them. People in other places must feel that same awe and joy with the large creatures in their world: The bears or lions. Here we have the glimpses and songs of these leviathans. I am thankful for their visits.

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