Monday, July 17, 2006

Third World War

Some may just view this as a border skirmish between Lebanon and Israel, but I see the possibility of escalation. In the very least, we are seeing the following signs:
1) Israel proves again that it acts with no hesitation upon its most paranoid of fears. Of course they should protect themselves and their soldiers, and of course they are scared and isolated and vulnerable. They seem to be able to take care of themselves, however, with superior intelligence and targeting abilities, and that whole victimhood thing justifies a swift, violent, and decisive action.
2) Invading Gaza pisses off the Palestinians and the Egyptians.
3) Invading Lebanon pisses off the Lebanese and the Syrians.
4) Nations of the world (mine included) then bitch that it isn't between Hizbollah and Israel, it is between Lebanon, Syria, Iran, China, Palestine vs. Israel and the US. This kind of escalation is soooo very WW1 of us all, isn't it?

An interesting read about the left-wing Israelis protesting the bombings here. (Remember when Reagan said, "We shall not negotiate with terrorists"? Ah, the 1980's!)
A piece by Newt Gingrich, to whom I would not normally link, here.
In the face of all this war-mongering, let me express the following opinion:
Let us not be heavy-handed, bombing entire nations when a few crazy criminals are to blame. We no longer live in a world where Nations go to war against one another. We must defend our world of peace, freedom and economic prosperity against the crackpots of the planet, and we must do so as unified people, above and beyond national borders. Bombing the crap out of a nation because someone within it's borders is insane will get us all killed. Negotiations will not work. We need a cultural war of the mind, an economic war using the seductive power of greed, and an intelligence war.
Yes, I am a pro-war, pro-defense-spending (especially CIA), bleeding-heart, non-appologetic, pro-Islam, free-market-economist, blue-state, (sometimes) Democrat...what? You say I can't be all those things?

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